We announced in our February 24th, 2018, eNewsletter that the UDS commencement ceremony would be held on March 3rd. The students held an emergency meeting that day to ask to reschedule graduation March 24th. They needed more time to plan for their special day.

Graduation Medal

Our students are extremely proud of their achievements and they want to commemorate their success in many different ways. They agreed to pay a graduation fee to cover the costs of the items they will receive. Each student will wear a blue cap and gown with a gold tassel; matching our colors. They have coordinated a uniformed dress code to wear under their gowns. They will receive a diploma inserted a folder with UDS insignia on the front cover. They will also receive this medal that they can wear with pride.

This day was made extra special by a few of our donors who helped with the reception following the graduation ceremony. You will receive photos and stories of this important day that you made possible by being a Classroom Hero for our students. Thank you!