“Education is Better Than Silver & Gold”

Enoch Daniel Tarr wrote the song, “Education is Better Than Silver & Gold” for UDS.

One of our computer students, Enoch Daniel Tarr, from 2016 wrote a song to promote Uniting Distant Stars Vocational Training Center. Enoch is 16 years old and wanted to express his gratitude for our programs through music.

Our creative and talented board member, Anna Bertch, created a music video of Enoch’s song with photos of all our courses. Please enjoy listening to this uplifting song that will get you moving with the music.

One thought on ““Education is Better Than Silver & Gold”

  • An education truly is more valuable than any sort of material good. That’s why it’s so frustrating to see so much money and effort being placed on giving countries stuff, instead of educating them so that they can create that “stuff” for themselves. “Teach a man to fish…” isn’t just a meaningless saying!

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