Your superpowers as a Classroom Hero, allowed Uniting Distant Stars to build a Plumbing Learning Lab for our students. This lab is adjacent to our main building and gives our students that opportunity to lay pipe and install commodes, sinks, and tubs as they would for a home or office building. Your generosity has empowered these students to gain the practical experience they need to establish a career in Plumbing. Liberia is still rebuilding their water and sanitation system, so there is tremendous opportunity in this field.

Our co-founder Kelvin Fomba in Liberia has this message to share with you: “To all our supporters, volunteers, donors, board members, etc. Please just take a look at what your generosity is doing for our youth in Liberia. I am so happy to come across people like you for contributing towards the development of our Nation. May God continue to bless you and your entire family.”

As you will see in our photos, our students went to work immediately once this lab opened. You will notice our one female student working just as hard as her male peers. We hope more young women will consider this essential trade for the health and well-being of all Liberian people.

You are the inspiration behind these hardworking Plumbing Students

Plumbing students connecting pipe in our learning lab you helped build.

You made it possible for these students to know how to measure and fit pipes together.

You provided the tools such as this level to ensure our students know how to properly install pipes.

We celebrate you for giving our Plumbing Students the tools and equipment to apply what they have learned in this 12-month course. Our students will be graduating soon and are ready to join any plumbing business to put their skills to work. Thank you for being Classroom Heroes to our Plumbing students!