Once a year a day is set aside to honor the Mothers in our lives. There is a special quality often associated with mothers in how they care for their young children. You possess this special quality through your unyielding support of children and youth in Liberia. You are Nurturing Hope with each and every generous gift you have made to help students learn new knowledge and skills in our vocational training center. 

Thank you for helping this student learn how to bake!
You are the reason students show up each day to class to apply and practice what they are receiving from their teachers. 
Thank you for helping these young men and women become auto mechanics!
Thank you for giving students opportunities to practice their skills!
Your heart can smile knowing that you are bringing significate changes to lives of young Liberians in order to thrive.  
Thank you for inspiring students to harness their creativity!
Thank you for giving students the tools to learn! 
Thank you for your Nurturing Hope and being the difference in the lives of children and youth in Liberia!