You are the reason for this season because you brought joy, hope and opportunities to young talent in Liberia. While you bring the light of inspiration, we experienced an electrical blackout for about three weeks in Liberia. A wire blew off pole during a storm and $5 per from each household and business was needed to repair it. 
With this being repaired, we have some photos to share with you about our recent student recruitment for the 2017 vocational training classes. Also, there are photos of our team prepping the building for our Christmas Celebration for our youth and volunteers on December 26. Please sit back and enjoy the photos of what you make possible in Liberia!
Young talent hand-inking T-Shirts for our volunteers for the student recruitment on November 19.
As you can see great detail went into hand-inking each of the 60 T-shirts made for the volunteers.
Interested youth have attended meetings about the vocational training classes in 2017.
As you can see both young women and men have attended these meetings.
The information meetings share what is expected by the students and also Uniting Distant Stars for the 2017 training.
The students are required to take an entrance exam to be accepted for this upcoming training courses.
You will be happy to hear 120 students have passed their entrance exam.


Our team has been busy since Friday preparing the inside and outside of the center for our Christmas Celebration.
They white washed the fence and steps.
Kelvin Fomba, UDS Co-Founder & Country Director, using  cutlass to cut the grass.
You will be receiving photos, stories and much more from tomorrow’s Christmas Celebration. All of UDS volunteers in Liberiand the U.S. wish you all a very Happy Hannukkah, Merry Christmas and Holidays.
Thank you for being part of our amazing Star Supporters Community!!!