Dear Star Supporter,

You make our hearts sing! Your big-heartedness provided over 250 children with school supplies for their first four years at Russ Wood Christian Academy (2012). Then, just last year, City of Joy and Rogma International Schools were also added to our school supply distribution list, making our goal this year to provide for 700 students!

Your continued generous support and outreach to others can ensure these 700 students receive their much needed school supplies this year!

So far, you have graciously raised $1,661 to buy 166 students school supplies in September. This is nearly 25% of our $7,000 goal! In searching through our archives, we found this video of the children at Russ Wood gathered outside, having just received their school supplies in 2012.

These children feel your compassion immensely, on a daily basis.

And, as a token of our appreciation, we would like to remind you that the 3 highest donations made by the end of this campaign will not only receive acknowledgment on the site, but will also have special recognition arranged when the school supplies is delivered to the students in September. Your names will be recognized in a PSA video by the very students your donation supports!

A donation of $10 will lift these children up in song. A donation of $50 or more will have them singing and dancing. And, a donation of $100 or more will bring them joy beyond measure.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible, and can be gifted according to the following methods:

Donation by PayPal (go to website and click “donate” button) or Check payable to “Uniting Distant Stars” at:

Uniting Distant Stars

4010 Lawndale LN N
Plymouth, MN 55446
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Please share this email with others to ensure all 700 young students attending City of Joy, Rogma International, and Russ Wood Schools will be given school supplies in September.
Alternatively, feel free to post our attached flyer at your church, coffee shop, or any other place that has a community board!

We so appreciate your light and generosity,

Uniting Distant Stars