Dear Star Supporter,

Things, thanks to YOU, are only headed one direction: upward! 

Everyday, we come closer and closer to reaching our $7,000 goal for the 2016 Annual School Supplies Drive. Just this week, an additional $401 was raised toward this very important cause! That means we’re at $1,386, which is about 20% of our total goal… ✩​And we’re only headed upward!✩​

We, and hundreds of youth on the other side of the globe, would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your unfailing generosity. Your contributions are literally changing the world. By providing bright young minds with the means to leverage their brilliance and problem-solving abilities, you are making a real difference.

With the funds raised from this campaign, UDS will provide 700 young students attending City of JoyRogma International, and Russ Wood Schools with much needed school supplies. 

In recent, exciting news, UDS leader, Kelvin Fomba, was honored on the behalf of UDS by the Hossana Children’s Foundation. Hosanna is partnered with City of Joy school, and their mission as an organization is to serve impoverished children.

Here are photos from the recognition ceremony.

Kelvin (pink shirt) recieving an award on behalf of UDS’ work in Liberia.

Students from city of Joy School. Your generosity provided school supplies to these children in 2015, they can’t wait to start this school year off, too!
Kelvin (pink shirt) pinning a flower on a little girl for her academic efforts.
And now, we would like to shed a little light on you. 

The first five individuals to donate over $75, from now until August 14th, will receive special mention on our site for the month of September as “Honorary Donors.” (For those who have already made contributions of $75 and more, your names will be featured as well!) This is in addition to the the personalized handwritten Thank You letter received from a student for donations:

  • $100 or more, you will receive a letter from one student.
  • $500 or more, you will receive three letters from three different students representing each school.

Your letter will be emailed during the months of September and October.

That’s not all! The 3 highest donations made by the end of this campaign will not only receive acknowledgment on the site, but will also obtain special recognition when the school supplies is delivered to the students in September, in the form of a PSA Video! UDS students will get to express to you through digital media their appreciation for you themselves. 

All donations are 100% tax-deductible, and can be gifted according to the following methods:  

Donation by PayPal (go to website and click donate button) or Check payable to “Uniting Distant Stars” at:

Uniting Distant Stars
4010 Lawndale LN N
Plymouth, MN 55446
      ​    ✩ ​✩ ​✩ ​✩ ​✩ ​✩ ​✩ ​✩​

Please share this email with others to ensure all 700 young students attending City of JoyRogma International, and Russ Wood Schools will be given school supplies in September. 

Alternatively, feel free to post our attached flyer at your church, coffee shop, or any other place that has a community board!

Many, many thanks,

Anna Bertch
Uniting Distant Stars, National Youth Leader