My name is Anna Bertch, and I am currently a sophomore in Highschool. My mission for Uniting Distant Stars is to help promote growth and awareness of Uniting Distant Stars by enlisting the help of youth throughout the U.S.. Much of what I do consists of using media (digital/video, written blogs, etc.) to help get the word out and gain support for Uniting Distant Stars. The fortunate thing about this day and age is most of the youth in the U.S. have access to some form of technology; this eliminates the issue of age entirely, so everyone can get involved!  

The ways to contribute are endless and volunteering can take many forms. But, teens here in the U.S. should consider how they can serve, what their talents are, and what they can bring to the cause. Whether it’s getting together with friends and hosting a fundraiser event, talking to school leaders about launching a school club, or simply talking to people who have connections to sponsors or ideas; everything makes a difference!

As an organization that is centered on building up the Liberian youth, UDS gives immense value to the creativity and effort put forth by American children, teens, and young adults. Everyone has voice, and UDS will draw positivity from whatever your influence is.

Individuals that are interested in getting involved with Uniting Distant Stars can contact me directly via email: [email protected]. Questions, thoughts, and ideas are welcome!