Though it is much later than planned, we finally published the 2014 Annual Report (see attached). Our apologies for this delay, but the wait is worth it. We are eager to share what was accomplished and learned in 2014 from your most generous support. Also, this report provides perspectives from our youth and country director about living through the Ebola Crisis. Our annual report is interactive, so please click on any hyperlinks and icons throughout this document. We plan to have the 2015 Annual Report published by the second quarter of 2016, which is our normal schedule.

Special Thanks goes to Diane, Kelvin, Miriam, Florkime, Anna, George, Princess, Patrick and Ishmael for either contributing to or editing this annual report!

We also launched our new Media page where you can access all our past Annual Reports, Audio and Video, News Articles and Press Releases related to our work.