We are deeply saddened by the loss of one our dedicated STAR volunteers
in Liberia. Reverend Elijah Wreh Sr. died on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at
age 69. He leaves behind his wife and life partner Esther since they were young; six children and their spouses, who his son Elijah and daughter-in-law
Gradieh are both active board members, donors and volunteers of Uniting
Distant Stars; and 12 beautiful grandchildren. Plus many other friends
and family members.

Rev. Wreh from September 2013

Rev. Wreh was a geography teacher at J.J. Roberts in Sinkor,
Liberia. He was also the Founder and Senior Pastor of Praise Power
Church International since 2005, and worked tirelessly to serve his
community especially youth before, during and after Liberia’s civil war.

Rev. Wreh in front of Praise Power
Church International that he founded in 2005.

In 2013, he carved out time from his very busy schedule to work with
our co-founder and country director Kelvin Fomba to recruit young
people for our pilot youth leadership workshop. His efforts helped
ensure that this two-day workshop was a great success.

He graciously offered his home as our base operations during our
two-week trip that included the cooking and final preparation meetings
for the workshop along with accommodations for myself. Without his
generosity this inaugural trip for Uniting Distant Stars would have been
very expensive and may not have happened at all. So we are forever
grateful for what he gave us in time, space, kindness and prayers.

His loss has created a great hardship for his wife Esther and the
family, because in Liberia there is no social security or pensions to
support the surviving spouse, let alone life insurance to pay for the
cost of the funeral.

We hope you will join us in extending prayers to Rev. Wreh’s family
as they mourn the loss of this great man and figure out how best to support
their Mom Esther. Also, if you find it in your heart to contribute
towards the funeral costs of $4,000, they would welcome any help that
you can give. Elijah and Gradieh are in New Jersey and will be accepting
any contributions by PayPal through [email protected]. They will be traveling to Liberia to attend their father’s funeral and burial scheduled on August 9.

The Wreh family extend their heartfelt thanks for your prayers and
support during this difficult time. They send God’s blessings for your
sympathies and generosity.