Another year will soon fade into the night leaving behind the distant memories of what lifted our spirits or tore at our heartstrings. Sometimes it is important to reflect on these mere shadows of jubilation and tribulation as we prepare for the next 365-day cycle. This is a moment to sort out what has made us stronger and wiser from what will hinder our progress going forward. It is a time to let that inner light shine brightly in embracing our own magnificence. The time is now to appreciate each of our twinkling STARs that illuminates our unique potential and unites our global community.

Uniting Distant Stars Logo designed by Heather Cannon-Winkelman

This post is dedicated to all the selfless STARs who continually share their special gifts to make this a better world. Whether you serve one person or entire community, you are doing something that matters to those you are helping. What you have to offer is something more than what money could ever buy, because when you give of yourself it is priceless to those who are receiving it. While your name or face may not appear in the mainstream news, your act of kindness did have an impact that is worth acknowledging.

A much deserved Thank You to all the Distant STARS who continue to trade in the commodities of goodwill toward others. You have invested some time, energy, strength and resources to provide hope, peace and well-being to those in despair. The returns for your generosity has been smiles, hugs and tears of joy. This earned interest of love will grow exponentially as those you served reinvest their gains of being valued to others in need. There is nothing more beautiful than people living in the spirit of “giving of thyself.”

Uniting Distant Stars would also like to extend our heart-filled Thanks to our Board Members, Supporters, Followers, and Volunteers that helped make our founding year a highly successful one! We look forward to continually develop and grow our organization in 2014 to better serve our young beneficiaries in Liberia, West Africa.

May You All Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Photo Collage of Uniting Distant Stars 2013 Activities