This post will convey the importance of having a proper
sanitation system and what Uniting Distant Stars intends to do about this in
2013. First, let’s identify the role of the toilet as follows:
Ode to a Toilet…
You go by so many names: commode, loo, john, pot, throne, porcelain god,
and so on.
You serve a greater purpose by “flushing” away our bacteria-laden waste
to maintain good health.
You allow us to “rest” for little or long while as we contemplate our
to-dos for the day. 
You are often taken for granted by those who are fortunate to have one [or
more] in their home.
You can be designed to convert our waste into fertilizer and even
You are a simple device that can be easily maintained with just a
little care.
You need to be honored and recognized for selfless commitment to our
overall well-being

Here is the “poop”
why toilets matter…
  • Approximately 2.6 billion people (37% of the
    global populations) lack a proper toilet.
  • Those without a proper sanitation system are
    forced to openly defecate in areas that can contaminate water leading to the
    spread of diseases. Note: “one gram of feces may contain 10 million viruses,
    one million bacteria, 1000 parasite cysts and 100 worm eggs.”
  • Some of these diseases include diarrhea,
    cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and hepatitis A that can kill approximately 115
    people in Africa every hour.
  • Adequate toilet facilities that are private and
    separate improve the attendance rate of school children and the enrollment of
  • There are many more reason why a proper
    sanitation systems and hygiene standards is necessary for economic and other reasons.
       Source: WHO
10 Facts on Sanitation

In 2012, Uniting Distant Stars initiated an adopt-a-school
project in Liberia
to support the education of approximately 250
at the Russ Wood Christian Academy. This commitment is beyond providing
books and pencils, and includes the overall
well-being of these children. This is why we have taken on as our 2013
capital improvement project the replacement of its substandard latrine
(see pictures below) with an environmentally
friendly and sustainable model.
We recently put out a request for toilet models on Facebook and
Linkedin. To date we have received five responses from various organizations having WASH (Water,
Sanitation, and Hygiene) programs in developing nations. Three have already
submitted their model types and are currently being reviewed. We plan to select the
three models that meet the following criteria:
  • Uses no water
  • Inexpensive and simple to construct by community
    members and students from a local trade school.
  • Easily maintained and long-lasting
  • Appropriate for the Liberia cultural and
    environmental standards 

We will present them to Russ Wood’s school
administration, and they will select one that is appropriate for their

We will continue to develop this
project and provide an update after we have met with the school administration on
what model they chose. We are still accepting recommendations of model types that meet our stated
criteria. Please submit to [email protected].