I wanted to share a website of a case that I have been following about five Liberian sisters who were adopted in 2005. These girls have experienced all sorts of atrocities by their adoptive parents and their biological adult children from Oklahoma. Three of the individuals have been charged with felony abuse while another has been charged with misdemeanor abuse. Their case is pending in the court. Due to concerns with how this case was being investigated the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) took an interest in January according to an article printed in the Fairview Republican (January 19, 2009).

Currently, only one sister has been removed from this house while the other four remain with this family. Weep No More, a non-profit foundation has donated its site (www.weepnomore.org) to save these four girls from their abusive home. “Weep No More is a foundation established to encourage tax deductible donations through gifts of art. These donations are forwarded to various non profit organizations for the benefit of abused and under privileged children – helping children to weep no more, Rev. 5:4-6.”

This site contains some graphical and disturbing information about what has happened to these girls by these four individuals, so be prepared as you navigate through the pages.