Brotherhood and Sisterhood

In life, we encounter certain people, who become our closest and trusted friends that we come to value as “brothers and sisters.” These are mutual friendships that were built on respect and confidence over time. These are relationships that we may have selflessly risked and sacrificed to help and protect a friend in need. These[…]

Is Liberia Ready to Forgive Now that the Final TRC Report is Out?

On June 28, 2009, Liberia reached a pivotal point in their post-war recovery when the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) submitted their final report to the public [1]. After the long and arduous task for taking victim statements and facilitating public hearings of known perpetrators, the TRC compiled their recommendations. Surprisingly, this report created much[…]

Why Write about Liberia?

For twenty years, Liberia,in one way or another,has been a focus in my life. Since being introduced to Liberia in 1989, I have taken a special interest in learning more about this small tropical West African nation that was founded in 1822 by emancipated and free-born African Americans. This learning quest included extensive independent and[…]