International UDS Board Meeting

This morning, an international UDS board meeting was held. Kelvin Fomba, along with Godfrey Solomon and Roseline Sonday shared the successes as well as the current obstacles at hand in Liberia with board UDS members on the American end (via Google Hangout). Kelvin brought to our attention the need for more materials for some of[…]

“Youthrive Event” with Youth from Liberia and Minnesota

On Saturday, the annual Youthrive Event was held at Augsburg college in Minnesota. Liberian youth were able to participate in this forum via Google Hangout, and engage with American youth in the discussions; which, primarily focused on addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) issued in 2015 by the UN (see infographic below). On the[…]

Meeting UDS Kids via Google-Hangout

REMARKS BY TEEN YOUTH VOLUNTEER, ANNA BERTCH: Foreign countries, especially the people in them, can sometimes feel unreachable to American teenagers like me.  We read about the world in school… But, there just isn’t life in a textbook.  There is such a great disconnect between an individual looking at a picture, and the actual person[…]

Enjoy a Tour of the UDS Learning Center in Liberia

What an exciting week! Thursday, October 15, our little learning center was visited and utilized by 35 students of all ages representing different schools in the community. Students either participated in one of the study classes covering subjects like math and phonics or completed their daily homework assignments. This post will give you a tour[…]

Help us connect Liberia and Minnesota Youth!

On March 6, Uniting Distant Stars has the honor of hosting 50 of Liberia’s promising youth to virtually attend the Nobel Peace Prize Youth Forum at Augsburg College in Minnesota. We need your help in raising $370 to make this day successful. Our fundraising planning team has given us a jump-start in reaching this goal by[…]