Monday, March 20, 2017

"Youthrive Event" with Youth from Liberia and Minnesota

On Saturday, the annual Youthrive Event was held at Augsburg college in Minnesota. Liberian youth were able to participate in this forum via Google Hangout, and engage with American youth in the discussions; which, primarily focused on addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) issued in 2015 by the UN (see infographic below).

On the Liberian end, there were about 100 youth who came to be a part of this Google Hangout meeting with students in Minnesota, and all our UDS instructors were there as well. The youth received refreshments which our catering students helped prepare. Pictured below (left) is a sandwich called "light bread," made with cabbage, sausage, and other vegetables. Everyone who attended the event in Liberia received two sandwiches and a soft drink. 

In Liberia, attendees were divided up into 17 groups, and each one discussed a different Sustainable Development Goal; below is a video group #8, discussing SDG: “Good Jobs and Economic Growth."

At Augsburg, American students were also divided up into groups to discuss the different SDG’s. This video was shown as part of their table rotation discussions:


After the group discussions, UDS co-founder, Heather Cannon-Winkleman, was able to lead the conversation between with our team in Liberia about their thoughts and feelings about the day's activities.

It is incredible the amount of people this meeting was able to reach; because of your continued compassion toward and awareness of our youth in Liberia, Uniting Distant Stars has experienced significant growth in the number of Liberian students being educated over the past year, and had the resources to make this event happen.

Youth separated by miles of land and ocean, were able to see, listen to, and interact with one another, they were able to put their invaluable minds together as a part of a global team. Which, is exactly what the UN goals are all about: working together, country to country, human to human, to achieve a world of no poverty, no hunger, quality education, and more.

Thank you for making a world of difference! The future looks bright ahead.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Building Skills, Changing Lives

It has been nearly a month since we started vocational training classes at the Uniting Distant Stars Training Center. We started with eight courses and hope to add two more once we get enough students enrolled. Our students receive a combination of theory and practical application in each course to help them better understand both the "why" and "how" in learning a particular trade. The goal of our program is to connect our students to employers for internships or apprenticeships so they can gain additional experience outside the classroom and showcase their abilities in hiring managers.

Two weeks ago we shared in our post "See What's Baking at Uniting Distant Stars" what the catering students were learning. Now we like to introduce you to three of our other courses: Auto Mechanics, Computers, and Interior Decorating.

Auto Mechanics Course

This is one of our legacy courses that was birthed during the Ebola crisis when young people wanted to learn a skill instead of sitting home. Kelvin Fomba, UDS co-founder and country director, developed this course from his extensive career as an auto mechanic working with different types of engines. This course is 12 months long and will provide ample opportunities for students to work with tools and complete service and repair jobs on vehicles, generators and other machinery. Two of the students are female which we have seen a gradual trend of young women entering this trade. Students who graduate from this course can either start their own business or seek employment from an existing garage. Our 2014/2015 students demonstrated their ability to find work as shared in our post, "Meet UDS Auto Mechanic and Driver's Ed Graduates".

Auto Mechanics learning about the concepts and terminology for this field.

The uniform shirt for Auto Mechanics is blue. 

Computer Course 

Because of your inspiring generosity, we were able to fulfill the wishes of our youth in Liberia by launching this course in 2016. Computer training is a highly sought-after course in Liberia. Young people see that learning how to operate a computer and navigate the internet means an increase in their marketability for future employment. Currently, we have 42 students enrolled in this nine-month course. We offer four classes with morning and afternoon classes that meet either Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. The course is divided into five levels: 1) Introduction to computers and typing, 2) Microsoft Word, 3) Microsoft Excel, 4) Microsoft Power Point & Publisher, and 5) Internet Browsing & Review Previous 4 Levels. Our students will learn how to write curriculum vitae, various letters, create presentations, and set up and use an email account. 

Computer students from the Mon, Wed, Fri morning class taking a candid photo with Kelvin Fomba.

Our computer students are practicing their typing skills. 
Interior Decorating Course

This is one of our newer courses. The demand for people with this skill is high. This nine-month course is similar to Interior Design for homes and businesses but it also entails multifaceted decorations for weddings, birthdays, graduations, and other special events. This course is taught by the same teachers, Mrs. Annie Cooper and Mrs. Sandi Akashi, as catering. Students will learn how to create flower arrangements, coordinate design of colors and themes for homes, businesses, and events, and much more. This is another field that will allow our graduates to create a business or find employment.

Students learning how to make flower arrangements.

This young woman learned how to crochet this doll dress. She will use this skill to create table coverings.
You, as our committed and generous donor, are giving young Liberians the opportunity to learn marketable skills that will change their lives to the better. Like vocational institutes in the U.S., we offer courses in fields that have a strong market demand, so our students can position themselves for employment and/or entrepreneurship. You should be overjoyed and proud of your service to young Liberians, because it is making a difference!

Thank you for being a highly valued Star Supporter for children & youth in Liberia!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

See What's Baking at Uniting Distant Stars

There is nothing more thrilling than tapping into your creative spirit to make the impossible possible. That is exactly what Kelvin Fomba, Uniting Distant Stars Co-Founder & Country Director, did for our catering course! When we needed an oven for our students to bake, but could not afford one, Kelvin used his available resources and innovation to build one! Below is a photo of the finished product: charcoal-heated oven built from a repurposed upright freezer.

Here is Kelvin showing how this oven works.
Kelvin insulated the inner walls and door before covering it with a metal plate, then welded the bars for the different levels of racks. The bottom is open and a charcoal pot is on the ground underneath, with a water pan placed over the charcoal to regulate the heat. This is located in well-ventilated room so no concerns for carbon monoxide. 

On Wednesday, February 8th, this oven was put to work! Our co-teachers, Mrs. Annie Cooper & Mrs. Sandi Akasi, had our students mixing batter for cornbread, shortbread & pancakes. The two breads were baked in the oven, while the pancakes were cooked in a fry pan. The results were delicious! The sweet aroma coming from the oven distracted our students from the other courses, so everyone took a break to sample these tasty treats. 

Our catering students adding & mixing the ingredients.

This is young woman is receiving positive feedback.

She is putting the shortbread in the pan for baking.

The cornbread is in the muffin tins on the top shelf & the shortbread underneath.

Looking rather tasty. The shortbread is a nice golden brown. 

UDS Catering Instructors (left to right), Annie & Sandi are displaying the sweet success of shortbread.

This young woman is flipping  pan cake over. 

The results of  their work is tasty treats for everyone.

Left to right, Kelvin, Godfrey & Patrick enjoyed every bite of these delicious goodies from our students.
It was an exciting day for everyone because they got to witness how this inventive oven worked. The students were able to see how one of their leaders solved a "need" by working hard and using his creativity; Kelvin is an example and a leader to everyone at UDS, internationally!

Because of Kelvin's efforts, students will be able to gain the practical experience needed for a catering career. During the next nine months they will be learning how to bake and cook different types of foods for weddings, graduations and other special events. 

There is plenty more to come regarding all our courses, and we are extremely grateful for those of you who have donated in the last couple weeks. All of these funds will be used toward providing the practical tools for our students in our courses-which will include more innovations from our team! 

You are stars, and your compassion and generosity empowers Liberian youth to shine brighter.

Thank you wholeheartedly for being a valued member of the Uniting Distant Stars Community!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Joy of Training Youth to Succeed

As the clock ticks closer to the first vocational training classes at our training center, our Team Liberia is working fervently to finalize preparations! Our team is ecstatic to show you, our dedicated Star Supporter, their passion and resolve in helping to equip young Liberians with the skills they need to be self-sufficient. You are giving them the drive to ensure everything is set for the opening day on February 1st. 

Since the last post "Small Steps Lead to Big Goals", our team continues to:
  1. Prepare the training center for the classes.
  2. Purchase the "Tools to Success" (i.e. computers)
  3. Hold a student orientation, and 
  4. Share our story on Radio Advent's talk show 
Training Center Preparations: Our extremely talented volunteers have fixed the remaining two toilets (there are four bathrooms) and built removable partitions in our great hall for the individual classes. Our training center is hooked up to the city water supply, and work is needed to connect to the pipes in the building. Sanitation and conducive learning environments are critical for our students.

One of two new commodes replaced to ensure all four bathrooms are working.
Daude, who is a young volunteer, with skills in carpentry and masonry. 

Daude built the removable partitions in our great hall. 
Tools for Success: Our team started purchasing the equipment and materials that students will use for their practical training. Our computer training program draws the most students. This is why seven used desktops were purchased this week to increase our total to 16! Our goal is 20, if we can find a vendor who has available computers. Also, another essential item was purchased: a printer! Some of our courses will require worksheets as part of the learning tools. 

Your generosity purchased these desktops being installed in our computer lab.

UDS Co-Founder & Country Director, Kelvin Fomba, helping volunteers with the installation. 
Thank you for this much needed printer!

Student Orientation: Friday, January 27th, About 50 young men and women attended an orientation session at our training center. They were introduced to their instructors, toured the facility, received information on program rules and code of conduct, were provided the schedule, and much more. Currently, about 40 students have registered for our 8 courses--Electricity, Auto Mechanics, Plumbing, Computers, Interior Design, Cosmetology, Hotel Management and Catering. While there is interest for our two other courses: sewing and masonry, students have not paid their registration fee yet.

Kelvn Fomba welcoming young Liberian to our student orientation. 

Our instructors introduce themselves to the students, Kelvin will be training the auto mechanics. 

Computer students meet their instructor and learn about the expectation for this course. 
Talk Show: Also, on January 27, Kelvin Fomba (UDS Co-Founder & Country Director), Godfrey Solomon (Hossana Children's Foundation Co-Founder & UDS Volunteer), and Patrick Junusa, Jr. (UDS Volunteer) participated on Radio Advent's talk show. One of the broadcasters of this station, Thomas Jefferson, expressed an interest in partnering with UDS. He and others are interested in participating in our training classes to learn a skill while offering us free time on the airwaves to share our services. This radio station is walking distance from our center so this a perfect relationship!

Kelvin on the left and Godfrey on the right. 

Patrick on the left and Kelvin on the right. 
The Joy of Training Youth to Succeed was made possible by your compassion and selflessness! There is not enough ways for us to express our heartfelt appreciation and thanks for your continued to support in making Young Stars in Liberia shine brighter. 

Press Release: Introducing 2017 Board Officers and New Youth Board Member

Minnesota, January 28th- Uniting Distant Stars proudly introduces our 2017 Board Officers! The board added a vice chair to our officer position to serve as backup for the chair. Miriam Monono is our new board chair, who has served as the lead for our fundraiser committee since joining in 2014. Florkime Paye steps into the vice chair role and she has been serving various capacities since 2014. Adam Pederson retains his role as secretary for the second consecutive year, who became a board member in 2016. Diane Anastos moves into the treasurer role after graciously serving as the board chair for the last two years.

Left to right: Miriam Monono (chair), Florkime Paye (vice chair), Adam Pedeson (secretary),  Diane Anastos (treasurer)
We are excited to announce the installation of Anna Bertch as our first youth board member. As a youth organization, it is vital to bring in the voices of teenagers, who best understand the unique perspectives of the people we serve in Liberia. We hope to add one more teenager to our board in the coming months.

Anna Bertch
Please welcome and congratulate Miriam, Florkime, Adam, Diane and Anna to their new positions with the Uniting Distant Stars Board!!!

Uniting Distant Stars™, Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax deductible organization registered non-profit corporation in Minnesota, and accredited and registered non-government organization (NGO) in Liberia, West Africa. We operate a training center in Liberia providing academic support such as after school study classes and vocational training courses to youth. For more information, please contact us at

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Small Steps Lead to Big Goals

When you set a goal, it is always recommended to outline the small steps you plan to take, in order to bring it to fruition. Somewhere along your journey, it's natural to question when will you reach your destination; but, if you just keep walking, you will eventually see how every brave, thoughtful step worked together to bring your goal to realization. 

You walked with us each step of the way, as we strove to turn our dreams into a reality for these last three and half years. The benevolence you've shown for the children and youth in Liberia has allowed us to Reach New Heights in 2016, with acquiring and opening the Uniting Distant Stars Training Center. Now, as we move into 2017, you have provided the opportunity to launch our Vocational Training Classesstarting February 1st. 

Godfrey is holding one of the shirts selected for the vocational training students' uniforms.
We extend a whole-hearted "Thanks" for your unyielding generosity during our year-end campaign. You collectively raised $3,520 for our Tools for Success Campaign. Another $1,315 was added for the continuation of our Backpacks for Peace program, since sewing is one of the vocational training classes being offered at our center. This week our team in Liberia will be purchasing these Tools for Success to ensure our eager students benefit from our classes. 

During the first three weeks of 2017, Team Liberia has been busy with prepping for the upcoming classes. On Saturday, January 14, they held an informational program for students who passed the entrance exam. They invited people from the community and raised $110 in donations. $100 came from one of the guests, and $10 from a student who registered for classes; what a vote of confidence it is to collect this student donation! 

UDS Youth Leader Princess gives the opening address at the informational program.

You have provided a pathway for these young people to learn valuable skills.

Mrs. Audrey Johnson, who works at the airport donated $100 and gave an inspirational talk to our youth. 

The $110 donation was quickly invested in the ongoing renovations of our training center. They enclosed the open pathway between the property fence and the wall of building to create more usable space for our programs. They roofed it and cast the floor. 

Our team enclosed this pathway between the fence and outer wall of the building. 

UDS Co-Founder and Country Director, Kelvin Fomba, casting the floor for this new space. 

Our volunteers bringing in the sand and cement which will be hand-mixed before it is poured.
Thank you for staying the course with us, as we carry forward on our journey toward providing young Liberians with education and vocational training opportunities

Monday, January 2, 2017

Highlights from 2016 Christmas Celebration

In celebrating our successes, we are celebrating YOU, our highly valued Star Supporters! Uniting Distant Stars held our first-ever Christmas Celebration at our new training center for over 350 children and youth on December 26. 

The event ran from noon to 7PM (GMT) and it was a fun-filled day. The children performed skits, cultural dances, sang favorite songsand shared funny stories. They were served a nourishing meal of Jollof Rice (Liberian favorite), Potato Salad and Chicken. They participated in a raffle draw for three prizes: 1st - Bag of Rice, 2nd - Package of Breakfast Food such as Quaker Oats, and 3rd - Backpack (made by our youth) filled with school Supplies.  

Our team of dedicated volunteers worked around the clock in preparing the food and activities for this highly appreciated event. A heartfelt Thanks to AB, Blessing, Deborah, Godfrey, Ishmail, Korlu, Korpu, Ma Siah, Mamie, Princess, Roseline, Saah, Umaru and all volunteers who made this celebration a joyous occasion!

Please take a moment and watch this short video showing the photos of our children and youth celebrating YOU!

Thank you for making 2016 our best year!!!